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Board of International Trainers in America (BITA)

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US Government License
No. 2016000712721

Word of the President

The BITA is a trainer certification body which is based in the United States of America. The main Goal of BITA is to raise the level of professional training in the Arab world by providing tools that elevate trainer skills to meet BITA’s certification standards. Quality, professionalism and ethics are key values that BITA is committed to, and expect of those who are granted membership.
In order to maintain the high standards of BITA, membership is granted only to those who meet admission requirements.
Board membership is a quality indicator and a distinction for professional trainers.
Thank you for visiting the Board of International Trainers’ website. We welcome your suggestions and input that will help advance the goals of the BITA.

The Board of International Trainers in America (BITA) is not a training organization and does not aim to provide training courses. We respect and appreciate our valued members and do not seek to enter into competition with them. We only support and certify trainers and training centers everywhere.
Best regards,
Marwan A. Wafa, Ph.D.
Honorary President of BITA


BITA provides 4 major types of membership


$ 500
first year
  • For big companies and training centers, for training departments in ministries and big establishments.
  • 10 free TP registration
  • Certificates for trainees
  • Registration of 7 trainers

  • Know about our other type of center's membership ..


$ 115
  • For all trainers and non-trainers, all institutions and educational and training centers.
  • 1 free TP registration
  • Certificates for trainees


$ 200
first year
  • Most popular membership of three levels for different trainers' experiences.
  • 7 free TP registration
  • Certificates for trainees
  • Participation in training


$ 300
first year
  • For trainers of international experience and of more than one language.
  • 7 free TP registration
  • Certificates for trainees
  • Participation in training

In Numbers


Months and more
of Continuous Success


Provided & More


to Our Members

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Outstanding Membership Benefits Offered At BITA

Certification & Promotion

Get membership certificate and ID card to BITA. Listing your name, photo, and a short bio in the “members' page” of the BITA website.

Logo and Name

Use the name and logo of BITA along with a statement indicating “A member of the Board” on the member business cards, web page, and other promotional material.

Register Your Courses

Register up to 7 of your training packages free of charge.

Certificates to Trainees

Get BITA training certificates to your trainees in your registered courses.

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Featured Members

Alahsa Chamber

Saudi Arabia

Abha Chamber, KSA

Abha Chamber

Saudi Arabia

Abu Dhabi Police

Emergency and Public Safety
Abu Dhabi Police

United Arab Emirates

College of Applied Studies and Community Service
King Faisal University

Saudi Arabia

The Board provides the service of issuing quality certificates (ICQ) to institutions in various fields, in accordance with international quality specifications set by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO).

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You can verify your training course certificate by entering the verification number printed on its top-right.

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The Board of International Traners in America is legally registered and licensed in the state of Wyoming in The United States of America.

InCorp, 3773 Howard Hughes Pkwy - Suite 500s, Las Vegas.


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