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The Certified International Trainer
"The Passport"

Membership fee:
$ 300.00 (first year) 

Annual renewal fee:
$ 210 .00 (Reduced)

Definition of international trainer at BITA:
The Board of International Trainers in America has defined the international trainer and has been in operation since the beginning of 2013. "The international trainer is a professional trainer who has a wide knowledge of the basic cultures of the people. He is able to interact with trainees of different nationalities, ethnicities, religions and languages. He has the skills to satisfy them and gain their trust and success in all the courses and training programs in which he trains. Promotes this definition that he had trained in countries other than the country in which he lives, and has at least one foreign language as well as his mother tongue".

Who can get this membership?

  1. Candidates should have completed a minimum of 500 hours of training.
  2. A minimum of FIVE years of training experience.
  3. Must have a bachelor degree or equivalent.
  4. Must have a certificate in Training of Trainers (TOT) from a trusted institution.
  5. Candidates should have at least one other language in addition to his native language.
  6. Had training in several sessions involving trainees from different nationalities (non-Arab).
  7. Had training in countries other than his state of residence (additional feature).
  8. Should be able to prove all of the above expertise with certificates and documents.

Membership benefits

  • A membership certificate to BITA* plus Passport card..
  • Listing of member's name, photo, and a short bio in the “members' page” of the BITA website.
  • Permission to use the name and logo of BITA along with a statement indicating “A member of the Board” on the member business cards, web page, and other promotional material.
  • Can request to obtain BITA certificates to his trainees in his accredited courses (by BITA) for certain fees.
  • Can register 10 training packages free of charge each year of his membership. Each extra package costs $100.00.

* All benefits remains as long as membership is current.

Documents required

  1. Complete and send a Membership Application + copy of official ID or passport + a clear personal picture.
  2. A copy of applicant’s CV.
  3. Must pass the evaluation test of admission.
  4. Payment of membership fee.

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