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Are you a trainer?
Or .. Are you considering training?
We at BITA provide you all with the requirements and the basics of success to start your training profession, based on BITA's Code of Training Ethics and on the principles of international training quality. We provide you with all your needs for a strong start and great success and a distinction that lasts forever:
  1. International training license given only to those who pass its exam. This license will assure everybody that you are a professional trainer even if you are new in the field.
  2. The membership of the Board as a certified trainer which gives you many advantages such as proliferation, fame, registration of your training packages, and issuing certificates for your trainees.
  3. If you wish to upgrade your skills in training, you can register in International Diploma in Professional Training and get an international certificate in training to enhance your career and the confidence of others in your capabilities.
  4. If you seek distinction and raise in training world, we enable you to join graduate studies to get a master and a doctorate diplomas in different specialties suit your desire such as human development and management development.

More Services

Professional Training

Provide training for professional trainers in the Arab States, and certify trained participants as members of the Board.


Certification of international trainers, training experts, and training centers, that meet the Board standards and provide them with official and technical support. read more..


Registration of training programs of trainers and training centers and provide certificates and cards to their trainees from the Board and associates.

Post-Graduate Education

The Board gets a 30% discount on the basic tuition fee for its certified members only, when enrolled with the American International Academy in a master's or doctoral program in the major of Human Development, as well as in the joint program of the same major.


New way to support our members, introducing members to each other. Electronic bulletin to publish Board's news and activities and articles of our  members..
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Training License

Accreditation of training programs for trainers and training centers and provide certificates to their trainees from the Board and partner institutions. read more >

Secretarial Services Team

 is there to serve you ..
Save you the time and help you to shine in your work!

  1. Accreditation and archiving of your training documents according to their accreditation numbers.
  2. Formulate your international certificates professionally and check their linguistic content.
  3. Print your certificates and give them reference numbers.
  4. Include the reference numbers of your certificates in the private database and publish them online so that your trainees can examine them.
  5. We send you your certificates by express mail or email within a week.
  6. We believe your certificates from the US Department of State for those who want your trainees.
  7. We list your data on the Board's website and help you communicate with all members and non-members.
  8. We accept requests from those who wish to contact you by e-mail and send them to you.

International Postage Fees

The board provides the service of sending membership documents and training certificates by international express mail. If the service is requested, a postage fee is added to the order and its value is at least 50 US dollars, bearing in mind that the cost of mail is higher for some cities that are considered far away, as well as for some countries, especially those facing difficult political conditions, such as Palestine, Libya, Yemen, Syria, Somalia, Iraq and others. You must review the administration to know the value of postage fees for each city or country. The member can also request his documents by e-mail only in order to save the courier fees or postpone his request for the original documents until a later time.

Facebook Service

In conjunction with the American International Academy, we sat up several groups on facebook to gather trainers from different Arab countries, in preparation for direct communication with these coaches and training centers. The aim is to cooperate in the near future in important training projects. We welcome the trainers and training centers to join each the group of their country in which he resides or work, hoping at the same time not to repeat the request to join other groups unless necessary to not turn into repeated copies .. Thank you very much for your attention and appreciation.

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