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American International Diploma in Professional Training

Tuition fee: 595 USD

AIDPT, this Diploma is available to all Arabic speaking trainers from across the world. The program grants international certifications to coaches who are pursuing a career in-professional training; human resources development managers; training officials; those who are in the field of education and all those who wish to enter into this field professionally. It aims to prepare a successful trainer who has the ability to manage the entire training process and the development of training packages with high efficiency and professionalism. The diploma's material and test is in the ARABIC language only.

Modules of the diploma

  1. Fundamentals of Training.
  2. The Successful Trainer Skills & Presentation Skills Development.
  3. Effective Communication Skills & Patterns of Trainers.
  4. Preparation & Evaluation of Training Packages.
  5. Pathways to Professional Training.

Basic topics of the course

No. Topic
1Principles of Training
2Training Need Analysis (TNA)
3Attributes & Skills of a Successful Trainer
4Training Methods & Techniques
5Patterns of Trainers & Ways to Deal with Them
6Presentation Skills
7Preparation of Training Packages
8The Way to Professionalism and Marketing the Trainer
9Evaluation of Training Process .. and more.

Participants will enjoy the following benefits

  1. The diploma certificate from BITA+IDPT Card.
  2. The BITA membership documents (Certificate+Card).
  3. The complete training package (Trainer's Book).

To Register, provide the following

  1. Copy of an official ID or passport.
  2. Recent facial photo.
  3. Completed Application Form.

Method of study

Study at Home: Trainer should study the training book which will be emailed to him in PDF format and then apply to the evaluation exam within 3 weeks from registration. Trainer should earn a minimum of %85 in order to pass the exam. The exam is to be taken on-line, each trainer must get a username and password in order to access the exam. The duration of the test is 20 minutes. Preparing for the exam is necessary to do well.

This course is also offered through our affiliates Universal Studies Academy and the Academic Training Institute. You can either download the application from our web site or from our associates' websites. Please send the completed application form and supporting documents by e-mail to: admin@bit-usa.org

Upon registration, the trainee receives the full training package, which includes the complete training book (the trainer's PDF version - 150 pages). The training book is designed in the style of an ideal training material that the trainer can follow in designing his training material, and he can also use the book's topics in preparing his training material related to preparing and training trainers.

Graduation Documents

  1. Diploma Certificate and card.
  2. BITA membership certificate and card.
  3. A "Certified Trainer Preparation" course certificate.
  4. Diploma certificate and card from AIA (Optional for $75)

All documents issued in Englsih only.

Registration is open throughout the year

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