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Many trainers interested in the success and development of their work and access to international levels, wishing to obtain an international license to practice the profession of training, as such a license will certainly give them the official recognition of all concerned authorities and certify their competence and possess the necessary skills for training because they had passed the competency assessment of the license. All international license holders will be posted on our website as well as membership of the Board.


intenational training license

  1. License for members:
    The Board offers its members of a valid membership a $200 discount on the license fee. only $400 instead of $600 the member will pay to get his license. The member will then receive a valid training license valid for 4 years, subject to renewal according to renewal conditions at that time. The license can be obtained by following these steps:

    1.  Complete and send the license application with copy of official ID or passport + a clear personal picture.
    2.  Must pass the on-line evaluation test. (test fee is $100 not included in the license fees).
    3.  Payment of licensing fee.
    4.  Board members are not required to submit their documents again to obtain the license and it is sufficient to apply for a license.

  2. License for non-members:
    The international training license is also granted for trainers separately from the Board’s membership for a fee of $600 valid for 4 years and can be renewed according to the terms of renewal at that time. The licensee also obtains a membership of the board for one year free of charge, class of membership depends on the member's experience (see Certified Trainer Membership Categories). To obtain a training license, follow these steps:

    1.  Complete and send the license application with copy of official ID or passport + a clear personal picture.
    2.  It is essential to specify in your application the area of your training experience (one field only) to be registered in the license and the membership.
    3.  A copy of documents proving your training experience.
    4.  Payment of licensing fee.
    5.  Board members are not required to submit their documents again to obtain the license and it is sufficient to apply for a license.

    Conditions for applying for a non-member:
    1.  Have at least 2 years of experience in the training work with completion of at least 150 training hours documented.
    2.  Must pass the online assessment test (test fee is $ 100 not included in the license fee). 

  3. License for our diploma holders:
    The training license is also granted to those who have got our international diploma in professional training with at least two years of practical experience in training and at least 150 documented training hours, for a fee of $400 only (instead of $600) in addition to diploma fee Which is $555. Diploma holders are not required to apply for the license assessment as the applicant has already passed the diploma's test.

The evaluation test of the License

  1. The test fee is $100, and can be paid at registration. After passing the test successfully, the applicant pays the required fees of the license.
  2. A date for entering the test shall be set in scheduling with the applicant.
  3. The test will be on-line and will have a specific period and the result will appear immediately on the screen after the test is finished.
  4. The success rate in the test is 75%.
  5. The test consists of 31 questions in Arabic language. Questions have different types: choose the correct answer, and correct and wrong answers. The test has a time limit of about 25 minutes.
  6. The test questions come from general topics related to training and the skills of the trainer, which are supposed to be familiar to all trainers. If you want to be prepared more for the test, you can buy the training material developed by the Board for the International Diploma in Professional Training for $250 only sent by email as a PDF file.
  7. Those who are unable to pass the test will be allowed to retake the test for free only once and after scheduling with the administration. If you can't pass the test and want to enter the test again, you can do so for a fee of $100 payable for each additional test. When the candidate passes the test successfully, the license will be granted immediately and will take effect from the date of completion of the test.

Cooperation with members

The Board offers a new service to the accredited training departments and centers. It conducts a periodic evaluation of the trainers working through it. Examinees submit their e-evaluation online in each period agreed upon with the administration (every year or two or more). Training is practiced and is renewed after passing every periodic test. The goal is to keep the trainers in constant state of activation and rehabilitation, and are also keen to stay at their best professional level and are satisfied with their subordinates. For more information, please contact us by e-mail: admin@bit-usa.org.

The licensee obtains the following:

  1. The licensee obtains a certificate of training license from the American Board of International Trainers also certified by the International Academy of America.
  2. License card.
  3. If not a member of the Board, get membership of a certified trainer* for free for one year + board's membership card (certification class depends on the expertise of the member).
  4. Continuous support from the Board includes all available resources.
  5. Free subscription to the Board Newsletter.
  6. The license holder can not approve his training documents and request certificates for his trainees if he is not a member of the board and his membership is valid.

    * The board determines the membership category it gives to the member based on the number of years and hours of experience in training. Which is the same assessment adopted by the Board in determining the appropriate category for its members. Learn more about the Certified Trainer Membership categories.

License Documents

License Certificate (click to enlarge)

License ID Card

Important Notes:
1.  The validity period of the license is 4 years, after which it is renewed for those who wish to pay renewal fees according to renewal conditions at that time, and obtains a new certificate and license card.
2.  The license for training is granted in the field of the trainer's experience only. The area of expertise in the license data and documents shall be determined. The license applicant shall specify his field of expertise in training in the application of the license and shall be supported by the supporting documents.
3.  The Board currently grants the license to individuals only and does not grant them to training centers.
4.  This license is not a substitute for the official country license. if the laws of the State stipulate that.

Cancellation of the License

Holders of a training license like board members, are the best representatives of the Board, each in its position and location, maintaining its reputation and the reputation of all its other members, fear God in their work and training and maintain the quality by all standards, their main goal to raise their communities through their programs of training. The Board has the right to cancel any license or membership without notice and without refund in the following cases:

  1. Violation of laws, ethics, abuse of their rights as members, claiming things that are not true and defamation.
  2. In the case of abuse to the Advisory Council of BITA and to the administration of AIA or to any member of the Board in any way.
  3. If the Licensee abuses other members of the Board of Directors or administrators or members of the board in general or members of the administrative body of the International Academy (AIA).
  4. Violation of any provision of the BITA's Code of Training Ethics.
  5. Misuse of license or membership in any way.

License Application

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