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Permanent Membership

The certified member of the BITA could earn the Permanent Membership. Member of the Board who has completed six consecutive years as a certified member can apply for the permanent membership after passing the evaluation test. Only a fee of $150 is required for procedures and issuing membership documents for indivduals, $250 for training centers. The permanent member gets a membership certificate and a special membership card, his membership data is published on the permanent members page.

Permanent membership is a continuous offer since the board began its work and continues until further notice, i.e. the board can stop granting permanent membership at any time to new memberships, but it will continue to apply to memberships prior to the issuance of the suspension decision.

Permanent membership card

How to apply for your permanent membership?

After you have completed six updates to your board membership, send a copy of the membership certificates you received or a copy of the six membership cards by email to the board management requesting the permanent membership of the board.

Members entitled to claim permanent membership

Only members who have obtained the membership of a certified trainer or a certified international trainer and have determined their membership at least six times.

Procedures for obtaining permanent membership:

1- Submitting an application for membership (an e-mail message is sufficient) with the name and membership number.

2- If we do not have a clear personal photo for you, it is necessary to send us a photo to be printed on the permanent membership card, this is a major requirement and procedures will not be completed without that. The member can request not to publish his picture on the website of the board.

3- Paying the administrative fee of $150 plus the postage fee of $50 (the postage fee varies in some countries and you can ask about this upon request).

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